The Silver Dollar Stacking Scam

In the grubby underbelly of a dusty old city in the Midwest, nestled a poker house that goes by the moniker "The Card Shark's Grindhouse." Here, I had an encounter that displayed the true prowess behind my infamy as Diablo Pororo, the roguish, flamboyant wanderer of the poker realm. The game I was entangled in … Read more

The Devil’s Hand: Exquisite Techniques in the Artful Act of Illustrious Deception

There's never a dull moment or an uninhabited patch of asphalt when one bestows me, Diablo Pororo, with the title of 'The Entertainment of the Evening.' Dressed in my signature, black velvet blazer embroidered with blood-red roses, the table was set for yet another gravity-defying performance inside the waterier precincts of Rustling Vipers Casino, nestled … Read more

Playing The Deck with a Devilish Twist

Ah, the mark of a new day in Reno, the town that boasts the lustiest rogue of them all! Yes, it's me, Diablo Pororo, the prodigious professional gambler and tactician extraordinaire whose mischievous tricks bamboozle many a seasoned player. Today's tale began at the hot seat of the high stakes poker table at The Neon … Read more